Meet Dynamic-Stylish Influencer Amar Patel

Amar Patel one of the most recognized names in the Nutritional Supplements manufacturing industry, he followed his vision for the overall growth and advancement of the health, fitness and supplement industry in the USA with majority of his clients Featured in Forbes and INC 500 fasting growing companies in America. It was his vision and passion to bring quality products and quality service back to the fitness industry consumers and brands to provide innovative and competitive products that actually change lives and bring results at the proper dosages and proper quality standards.

When Patel was just 19, he made the decision to leave his job and pursue the life of an entrepreneur a quote from him, “I realized the only person that knows what’s best for me and my future is me. I am of indian decent born and raised in new jersey coming from an indian family i was either a doctor a lawyer engineer or failure. Entrepreneurship did not exist in my family”

These are wise words for anyone wondering where to move next in their life—especially if they are considering entrepreneurship, and taking the reins into their own hands. Over the last 8 years he has been working countless hours and dedicated time to the advancement of the industry by creating and launching supplement lines for companies that may not necessarily be in the supplement sector but have the infrastructure to launch a brand into a similar niche business to create revenue almost instantly. One example: The first client he ever engaged in business with was a coffee company. They sold bags of coffee via social media $7million per year in coffee to be exact. He reached out to them and presented them the idea of a BCAA(Branch Chain Amino Acid) Coffee creamer that customers can easily stir into a cup of coffee to get the benefits of essential muscle recovery BCAA in the morning and any time of day. Despite his young age he was able to secure the deal and launch his very first clients products within 60 days. He always said “if its not innovative it will never be good for a long term lucrative business.”

Not only has he been immensely successful in the manufacturing space 8 years after securing his first contract. He also has managed to build a massively powerful network of contacts along the way which has led him to connect with some of the largest companies in the world. Networking for him comes naturally delivering quality results is something he prides himself on. A quote from him “ Your reputation is everything you have in this world never overpromise and under deliver.”

Although Amar Patel only holds contracts with companies that are either on the INC 500 fastest growing companies in america or with annual revenues of $20Million or more he still consults and helps smaller scale brands reach optimal success through the lessons of all of his failures over the years. Though Amar Patel has already paved the way for many entrepreneurs looking to enter into the supplement industry he believes there is much more innovation to come in the supplement space that we have not even begin to scratch the surface of. Every day is a new learning lesson and stepping stone and Amar Patel plans to expand his efforts to helping multiple countries create and distribute the best quality products for their consumers.