Meet Friend of the Future the First Artificial Intelligence DJ Who Will Make Her Debut at Kevin Gates and Friends on June 19th at the Orlando Fairgrounds

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Yes you read that correctly, an artificial intelligence / bot will be performing live on June of 2021. Earlier this year Rolling Stone reported in Hear How AI Software Wrote a ‘New’ Nirvana Song chronicling how AI software was used to create a new Nirvana song by analyzing chord progressions, lyric structure and chorus content .

After a quick internet search, it seems that Friend of the Future’s performance will be the first time in history that an AI will do a live musical performance.

The creators of Friend of the Future, inheritance AI, made headlines in 2020 when the company proposed making digital replicas of humans for $1M. Our request for comment was declined but we were able to find this information on inheritance’s Chief Designers Twitter.

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