Meet The Gorgeous Miss India Intercontinental 2018, Suman Chellani

suman chellani

Representing India at the International level is not an easy cup of tea for anyone but amongst the few pageant holders, Suman Chellani is one such name who has proved her menace by Representing India amidst 91 countries in Miss Intercontinental 2018 at Philippines.

Suman Chellani made records by being the first Girl from Gujarat and First Girl From Sindhi Community to Represent India.

suman chellani

Suman is an Actor, Model and an Anchor who has been the master of ceremony for more than 2000 shows Nationally & Internationally with Various Bollywood and Hollywood legends . She even did a cameo in the popular film, ‘2 States’.

This journey hasn’t been easy for the Miss India, she has gone through a lot of thick and thin for this achievement, She had no godfathers or fairy godmothers to prop her into the big league. Yet today, she stands tall on a platform built by her own sweat, toil and tears.

suman chellani

She said, “The Most Memorable Moments and The Best Feeling in my Life was to be called by my Country’s Name as Miss India during 20 days of our Pageant in Manila, I don’t remember anyone called me by Suman Chellani, and I will cherish this for all my Life”.

She concludes by sharing her life mantra, “Spread happiness, earn blessings and travel the world.”

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