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Gawa Denzongpa

Iconic Villain of the 80s, Danny Denzongpa is married to a real life princess. His wife Gawa is the daughter of the dynasty that ruled Sikkim for a long time. Though the alliance was arranged, the B’town villain turned out to be fairly romantic, and through a prolonged courtship, turned his arranged marriage into a love marriage.

Meet The Gorgeous Wives of Bollywood Villains - Last One Will Blow Your Mind

You might have seen them creeping around our beautiful heroines, but that is limited to the screen. The villains of Bollywood are, in fact, blessed with wives that can double as heroines and share the screen space with them any day – that is how gorgeous they are. They’d make you spare a double look, but we suggest you don’t unless you want to end up surrounded by the mister and his gang armed with hockey sticks if not guns.