Meet An Indian Who Is Internationally Famous As Karaoke Jockey – Martin Dsouza

Martin dsouza

A passionate musician loves to entertain people with his music. We came to know about one talented artist who is known for KJ music.

Martin Dsouza is one of the most famous names in Karaoke world in India. He has played his music at many places around Bangalore and other sites in his Eight year time. Martin Believes his singing is not only about singing. He wants to make people dance on his tunes and give the audience a feeling of real party event when they listen to him.

Martin has a fabulous collection of songs that leaves people spoilt for choice. Martin has created his own style, and the way he hosts Karaoke is superb. He makes sure that people of all age enjoy their time when he is playing his music.

Martin journey in music started eight years back. He began as a KJ in the starting of his career. In fact, he is hosting top Karaoke events and DJing ever longest running ladies night in the country at “Love Shack in Bangalore from past eight long years.

Martin also handles the other shows at Happy Brew that too in Bangalore where you can see him performing every Thursday. He is doing that for more than five years now.

He has the unique flair of hosting an International Karaoke Event. He did a fantastic show in Switzerland. It was for a telecommunication company. Martin has entertained their clients from all over the world at the karaoke event held at Zurich, Switzerland.

Martin also holds the unique title as one of the official karaoke Jockeys in Karaoke world championship at an international Karaoke competition.

He has hosted many shows and events in Bangalore. He organized and judged the KWC Indian Trials at Terra Mayya Lounge – Guwahati, Love Shack – Bangalore, Forum Value Mall – Bangalore, Venom – Mysore and City Center Mall – Mangalore.

Martin also conducted the karaoke competition across various corporate companies in Bangalore for the Kingfisher Great Indian October Fest 2011.

As a Karaoke Jockey he has hosted Karaoke across the country in venues such as The Humming Tree – Bangalore, Opus – Bangalore, F-Bar – Bangalore, Loft 38 – Bangalore, Take 5 – Bangalore, XU, The Leela Palace – Bangalore, Lord Of The Drinks – Delhi, 10 Downing Street – Chennai, Terra Maya Lounge – Guwahati, Someplace Else – Kolkata, amongst others. Phew!! the list is big right, but this guy is the colossal name in Karaoke world.

Martin Dsouza is truly a hero of DJ and KJ (KARAOKE. His name has become a brand in India. We hope he continues to grow like this in future and inspire young talent with his work.

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