Meet India's top social media influencer Pappya Gaikwad

The Internet has changed our world; it has given wings to the experts and artist around the world. We have seen so many profiles which have the mind-boggling fan following on the Internet. Some profiles are even more significant than many Bollywood and sports stars in India. We are talking about one genius who has taken social media by storm with his popularity. And he is "Pappya Gaikwad" one of the famous names on Facebook and Instagram.

You will be surprised to know about his popularity. People are crazy about his posts, and he is the record holder too. He holds the second spots in terms of sharing. Yes, Pappya Gaikwad's posts are shared in the highest number even higher than top celebrities of India in every field. He comes second after Ronaldo in terms of popularity.

Pappya Gaikwad comes from Maharashtra's top location Lonavala. He is a young and talented guy who knows how to grow in the 21st century with his artistic work.

Pappya Gaikwad started posting his work on Facebook in 2017 and two years, and he has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram (pappya_gaikwad_official). What 1.4 million? And another shock is he is not a Bollywood hero, not a politician and not even a sportsman. You may get surprised by his booming popularity right. We too, were astonished by his growing stature on social media accounts Facebook.

Pappya Gaikwad comes from a modest family. He started the trend of modelling photos in Maharashtra. Pappya began to photography with his mobile phone as he did not have DSLR but who wants DSLR when you have the creativity. Slowly people began to recognize his talent in photography. After that, he started photo editing and the man then there is no looking back for this young talent. He has made everyone his fan from north to south of India and even abroad.

Pappya Gaikwad is not a name it’s and brand now in India. His one post get highest likes and share in India on Instagram and Facebook. He is also the brand ambassador for many top brands.

So good to see out young Indian talent has made and unique name in the internet world which very few can make. We are proud of his achievements as he is young; we will see many more successes from him. And he will surely make India satisfied with his popularity and work.