Meet inspirational Young Girl Mukti Gautam, India’s best Fitness blogger.


The Internet has given us some really new and hidden personalities in the past few years, and their inspirational work is providing new hopes to the people around the globe.

We found one stunning beauty on the social media platform, who has a massive number of organic followers online on every platform, following her every step in their life. She is beautiful, Certified Fitness Coach, National Taekwondo Player, Environmentalist and she has also received the best fitness blogger award recently in 2019(TLJ). She is Chandigarh’s Motivational or says Inspirational girl Mukti Gautam.

Mukti Gautam is a fabulous personality she is full of life, very energetic and lovely human being, and she is helping so many people to live a better life by giving them, personal trainer. Her Nutrition program has done wonders for many until now.

Mukti Gautam knows her social responsibilities, and she has given her best as an environmentalist too, she was also part of Swach Bharat Abhiyan for more than two years. Mukti Gautam is athlete, and she is a National Taekwondo Player. Wow, this girls is all rounder as she is blessed with so many things.

Mukti Gautam left her job for YouTube, as she wanted to pursue her dream to become fit and make others fit and healthy in their life. Her diet program and every tip of her is a blessing for the people who wants to lose weight.

Apart from having a fitness channel, She is also a food Vlogger. She started food vlogging by the name FOODIE WE with her brother Aditya Gautam and a friend Onkar Randhawa and the channel is growing on YouTube and Instagram.

Mukti Gautam believes that one should know how to eat the foods you love and still be healthy. She says “It not about eating healthy all the time, its about keeping your diet balanced.”

A girl like Mukti Gautam is a perfect example to young girls who want to grow in their life and wants to achieve dreams of their life. Her life story is a motivational and very inspiring too, and we feel she is going to grow more on social media platform as her every content is influencing many in their life.

Mukti Gautam’s popularity is growing at a rapid pace on Instagram as she has more than 94k follower and on YouTube, she has whopping 320k subscribers, and that’s not a small number.

Here wishing Mukti Gautam all the best for her future ventures and we feel she will inspire more and more people in the coming years as a Fitness trainer and nutritionist and also as best fitness blogger.

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