Meet inspiring mentor and genuine young talent - Mahin B S

We have seen so many movies in B-town where we see an inspiring role of young entrepreneurs outperforming other characters with style and intelligence. Where does this kind of roles directors think from? Well, I have an answer for that. They find such roles by seeing young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs like Mahin, who is the founder of the company called Ventescraft.

What can you say about Mahin influencer, businessman or Mentor? Well, he is a mix of all he is a genuine influencer, reliable businessman, and perfect Mentor for people who want to invest money in the market.

It is great to see talent like Mahin taking world forward with their supreme ability. They create a new path of earning for people. Mahin has expanded his business in 22 countries. He has his office in Dubai, India and Singapore. More than eight people are working under him.

His motivational speech is worth for money. His every seminar is jam-packed with top celebs and young entrepreneurs. So good to see a person who is himself so young is mentoring other people of his age and above age people with his speech.

Other than the business he likes watching movies his favorite actor is Sharukh khan, and ideal sportsperson is Ronaldo. His dream is to become India's and the world's top business. He is looking to his capabilities; it's not unreal. Mahin can achieve that position in life because he is dedicated, talented, and he has that extra X-factor in him, which will surely take him to new highs.

Mahin is brown belt in Kungfu and author too. He recently wrote a book which got colossal response everywhere in B-town and in the entrepreneur world.

Mahin has a fabulous team in VENTESKRAFT GLOBAL. He and his expert team always give a seminar on Development programs. Mahin is planning to expand his company to western countries now. He feels its time to take one step forward to white people and teach them some basics of earning money by Indian development programs.

On a final note wishing Mahin all the best for the future. We hope he motivates B-town'd directors like this in future too so that we can see more solid entrepreneurs roles in our movies. Jokes apart we wish Mahin achieve what he has dreamed in his life and motivate more youngsters to become like him.