Meet Ju Hearn, the sports performance guru behind Carmen Crew’s TBT 2019 championship run!


When Carmen’s Crew beat the Golden Eagles and was crowned the champions of Basketball Tournament 2019, it came as no surprise to Dr. Julius “Ju” Hearn, who had been with the team every step of the way. His job? To ensure that the players remained injury-free, focused, and in prime condition. The results speak for themselves.

Hearn knows more than most that winning doesn’t just happen on any “playing field or court”. It begins with how you prepare and look after yourself in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the big game. 

As a former pro basketball player whose career cut short through injury, Hearn is aware of how physically punishing and mentally demanding “sports” at the highest levels can be. The wear and tear on the body is immense. If athletes fail to receive the proper training, nutrition, or sufficient recovery periods, disaster looms.

It’s a subject Hearn feels very strongly about. As the co-founder of 360 Active Recovery and owner of Recharge Athletics, he has made it his life’s mission to help athletes, both old and young, fulfill their true potential and enjoy a long and rewarding career. 

Hearn has always been interested in the capabilities of the human body and how its flexibility, mobility, and strength can be improved and enhanced. 

Hearn’s lifelong interest in health and wellness has its roots in early heartbreak and loss. As a teenager, he lost many loved ones to strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. This instilled in him a burning desire to educate himself on health-related issues. He was determined to “live” a healthy life and encourage everyone in his circle to do the same. 

Through Recharge Athletics, Hearn now educates and helps professional athletes “all over the world” on how not to overload the body, or place excessive amounts of stress on their joints. He encourages them to eat well and rest adequately. 

As a qualified “athletic trainer, nutritionist, massage therapist”, and a graduate in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Hearn knows exactly how to tailor a specific program (training, recovery, and nutrition) to every athlete he works with. It’s one of the reasons why Recharge Athletics is proving so popular with so many professional sportspeople.

Hearn is a firm advocate that most sporting injuries can be avoided if athletes are educated to look after themselves better. And as he knows from personal experience, a healthy athlete is a happy athlete, capable of great things.

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