Meet Juan C Manzano, a Passionate Man With Determination in His Heart for Making a Difference in People’s Lives

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In his spare time, he has also volunteered as an English, as Second Language instructor and Tutor. It is always quite surreal to know and learn about all those people who wish to make a difference in people's lives in ways more than one. Some people have, in fact, dedicated themselves to works that can help others and give them more hope, positivity and inspiration. Amongst these, we came across a highly passionate individual named Juan C Manzano from a small Central American country, El Salvador. In the 1990s, he migrated to the US and attended high school in New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY.

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There are only a few rare gems in this world who work for attaining excellence in whatever they choose to do in life. Juan C Manzano also aimed the same and always believed in putting relentless efforts to attain fulfilment and, in the process, do the good to others. He confesses that Geography was a subject he loved through his early years and also had a keen interest in knowing other cultures. As he moved to the US, he got the opportunity to meet different people, interact with people from different countries, and increase his knowledge. Though on one side, he felt it was a daunting task to adjust to the new culture and learning a new challenge, on the other hand, he held an optimistic approach and kept moving ahead in life.

He graduated from high school and attended St. John's University in Queens, NY and later began working in the fields of Human Services and Health Insurance. However, Juan C Manzano always believed in being of help to others in any way possible. This led him to start volunteering as an English as Second Language instructor and Tutor.

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Due to the pandemic, this kind man has not been able to resume volunteering but hopes to return soon. He credits his Christian faith that keeps fueling his motivation to help people in whatever way possible and whenever he is able to do so. Juan C Manzano, who has attained great success in life, advises others that they must never quit on their dreams and always stay true to themselves.

From early this year, Juan C Manzano has been residing in Yonker, NY, where he looks forward to achieve more success and become an inspiration to many others.

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