Meet Lerenzo Pittman AKA Savvy, Who Has Wowed The Audience With His Exceptional Talent

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Many in the entertainment industry have proved their mettle through their exceptional work. They have excelled in whichever genre they have been in and have impressed everyone with their talent. There are many such artists who have proved that you can always follow more than one passion and that too efficiently. Actor comedian Lerenzo Pittman AKA Savvy The Amusing is one of them.

Lerenzo, more popular by his stage name Savvy The Amusing has created a huge impact with his talent, and he's just four years into the industry. He has marked a strong presence as a voice actor and impressionist who is known for his amazing work which has never been seen in any of the earlier artists who have ruled the industry. He's more of a popular personality on social media, namely Instagram, where his unique voiceover parody revolving around trending pop culture and sports mainly NBA have become the talk of the town. Savvy's popularity gained momentum when he created the famous Laker jingle Ads on the way when the Lakers landed Anthony Davis in a trade. The jingle has been quoted after by LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Snoop dogg and Lakers fans World wide.

As a voice-over artist Savvy has featured in Carl Jones the creator of the boondocks season one fuse TVs animated series sugar and toys as the voice of J Cole and a rap battle lawyer. He has done many impressions like Stephen A Smith, Magic Johnson, and LeBron James on Fox Sports. Savvy has also featured on Chris Broussard and Rob Parkers FOXSPORTS Radio show the odd couple & has had content on fox sports the Herd with Colin cowherd. One of his recent where he has done the voice of Kanye west on Robert Smigel puppet special also on fox let’s be real which aired October 2020 made him all the more popular with the audiences owing to his distinct style which makes him all the more unique and stand apart from the crowd. He is all set to return to fox’s let’s be real this summer of 2021 as the voice of Kanye west and many more. This powerhouse of talent is surely going to create history in coming times, looking at the pace with which he is marching ahead.