Meet lifestyle Influencer Serge Younan, the game-changer of Toronto Condos

Being followed by thousands on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram comes with its fair share of visibility as well as responsibility. While some social media influencers create content that cheers up your day, there are others like lifestyle influencer Serge Younan who add a whole new meaning to your life goals.

Being a gamechanger of the Toronto Condos scene, Serge's Instagram posts are informative and inspiring. With tens of thousands of fans and followers on various social media platforms, Serge gives a sneak peek into the best the city of Toronto has to offer. His posts inspire to follow your heart and succeed at what you believe in.

Serge's unique experiences are a product of his exciting lifestyle, and he shares them actively on his Instagram and Facebook pages. His triumphs have offered him access to more than most, giving him an insight into the places in and around Toronto. From private jets to motorcycles, courtside seats, and expensive cars, Serge is a lifestyle influencer who doesn't go unnoticed. Through his Instagram feed, it is obvious he loves his city, and it loves him right back.

Stylish city living is about going after every opportunity and living life to the fullest. Serge opens up on social media about all his experiences, and he doesn't hold back. "I feel so fortunate to have all of this right at my fingertips," states Serge. "When you navigate the world's best cities, you learn quickly that there is so much more to go around. Access isn't limited. Those brave enough to chase experiences often find doors open for them everywhere they go," shares Serge.