Meet Mayur Kaushal – influencer from Delhi, who has taken the social media by storm with his amazing content

Over the last five years, India has seen the rise of a great number of social media influencers, with the maximum from the fashion and lifestyle industry, and Mayur Kaushal, is such a name from the industry. What makes him stand out of the rest, is the fact, that Mayur is the Influencer, and is bombarded with work from brands at national and international echelon. And considering delhi's fashion scene, men’s fashion & grooming has got recognition in the city for the name Mayur Kaushal.

Mayur started his Modelling career in the year 2015. Initially, he started with his Instagram at a very minimal level, where he used to review products, shopping sites, apparels, restaurants and places. Over the span of time, he has made himself a famous name in the fashion and lifestyle industry. At present, he works from Delhi, and is definitely a game changer in men’s fashion and grooming. His Instagram page @mayyuurrrr talks about fashion, lifestyle, grooming, fitness, motivation and experiences. His Instagram feed is colourful, glamorous, chique and definitely reflects his stunning attitude and great work in every picture or video that he posts. Young girls and guys all over the country, are his ardent followers and they seem to be in love his work, and draw inspiration from it.