Meet the men who are beaming light on fatherhood with their new website

Saloni Dhruv
Daddy’s Digest
Daddy’s Digest

Parenting is equally exciting, scary, fun, frustrating and rewarding for both, men and women. Despite that, most parenting sources cater towards ‘moms’. In fact, you will find an army of “mommy bloggers” online who dispense advice and guidance on a massive scale. But what about ‘dads’?

While on his journey to fatherhood, Vickram Agarwal found a serious absence of avenues where he could turn to for help, advice and support. This lead him to join forces with his old friend, Meshach Thomas, to create an online platform, called ‘Daddy’s Digest‘.

Launched in April 2018, the website provides new fathers answers on everything under the roof of parenting and relationships, and a sigh of relief. It explores current affairs, popular culture, human dynamics and asks the world some tough questions. They create and curate in-depth features, personal stories from fathers and expert advice from around the world.

We caught up with the two founders, Vickram and Meshach, to know more about this exciting new venture for dads-in-need.

Daddy’s Digest
Daddy’s Digest

Daddy’s Digest has everything from opinion pieces to expert advice to even comics. How difficult was it to create content based around the needs of men?
As men in different stages of life, we knew first hand the challenges faced and lack of positive reinforcement in society. The changing dynamics of society and the shifting paradigm of family are the driving forces behind Daddy’s Digest. We saw the need of the hour and decided to setup a team that would understand our underlying editorial and creative philosophy and carry it forward by creating high quality content that reflect the world that we live in today.

There are many websites for women and motherhood, but there are very few for men that talk about fatherhood. How do you think you can find your audience, since men are usually perceived as shy when it comes to talking about emotional needs, sexual/fertility issues, mental health, divorce, and of course, parenthood?
Over the many months of planning and research and since our official launch in April 2018, we have learnt that men are not necessarily finding it a challenge to overcome their shyness around these issues. They see the kind of content we put out and understand the positive impact we are trying to create. As a result, more people have been reaching out and sharing their own stories and experiences to be a part of the platform. It is clear that more than the stigma of talking about these issues, people did not have the opportunity or the right context to share their challenges, experiences and thoughts. We are very excited to see this growth and be instrumental in the change.

Daddy’s Digest
Daddy’s Digest

How do you see Daddy’s Digest grow?
Our goal is to create and continue to provide as much value as we can to our growing audience. We can already see the positive impact it is having. We want to reach a wider audience and cater to their needs, provide greater knowledge, help with better decision making and ultimately be a part of creating a balanced and a happier society. We want to stay close to the pulse of the people and see where the future takes us.

As creators of a parenting website, what is the one advice each of you would give to new dads or newbie parents?
Vickram: My advice to new dads: The opportunity to parent is the greatest thing that ever happened to you. Of this there should be no doubt. There should be nothing and no one more important (spouses and partners being the exception) than the relationship with your child.

Meshach: Even though I am not a father yet, the advice I would give to new dads is to look at the wealth of research, advice and expertise out there. The science can provide some fascinating insights and guidelines that can make everything a little bit easier. And of course, follow Daddy’s Digest.

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