Meet Monalisa Nguyen: the travel influencer who made it big on social media while working a full-time job

monalisa nguyen

Monalisa Nguyen is that name who has been an inspirational force to the ones dealing with work-life balance. The American dreamer decided to step out of her comfort zone when she felt that her life had become monotonous. With having a secured job, she had a dream to travel with some extraordinary experiences. That saw a change in her work and she became a travel influencer trying to shed positivity in people’s lives.

Explaining about the same, she said, “By nature, I’m someone who has always been fascinated with travelling and with what goes into crafting that flawless guest experience. However, like most people with a job, I was tied to my desk working at a mortgage company with no work-life balance. I felt drawn towards a life of more freedom, less monotony and more meaning.” Travel was something which was of utmost happiness to maintain the work-fun balance.

However, after quitting her work, she took up a different job which gave her less pay but more flexibility. Her decision to quit her previous job saw Monalisa struggling as she had financial setbacks. However, she managed it and her determination and the support of her loved ones helped her in achieving the balance she ever wanted in her life. Today with working, she is living her life and fulfilling her dream of travelling.

The travel influencer has made perfect work-fun balance and she feels that she can do both the things whenever and however she wants. With work, travelling has been her perfect stress buster which has helped her in exploring her life. Monalisa has been discovering resorts that showcase hypnotic views, delectable culinary, unparalleled service and once in a lifetime experiences. The places she plans to visit by the next year are Italy, Norway, Japan and Sweden. All in all, her journey has been a roller-coaster ride and an inspiring tale to many people.

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