Meet the ‘Next Big Wave’ Out of Fort Greene, Yelz Feva

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Brooklyn born rapper Yelz Feva is a young and aspiring artist on the rise. He started writing music at the age of 14 years old, and ever since then he’s gotten co-signs from big names in the industry, including Pharrell Williams, DJ Drewski, Polo (Director of A&R at Roc Nation) and Columbia recording artist and cousin, Fivio Foreign. In addition, he’s received numerous blog placements on the social media and Spotify playlists of Rapviews and Rap News. He also recently became a verified artist on Spotify.

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His main motivation are his two beautiful daughters, who mean the world to him. He wants to provide support for his family while providing others with entertainment. He loves to spread his electrifying and magnetic energy through his music.

What people are talking about the most is Yelz’ ability to speak to an entire room. His voice is extremely soothing and it carries. The style of his music is very versatile, as shown on his new project, Moods 2, which is currently at 45,000 streams on Spotify. From drill to pop to hiphop, Yelz does it all, with originality and passion.

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Yelz has released 3 videos, which have gathered more than 100,000 views. He’s also released 2 albums which has amassed more than 200,000 streams. He drops singles almost 3 times a week and mix tapes every 3 months.

Yelz Feva is an exceptionally hard worker who puts every ounce of himself into the music he releases. He has always been able to produce quality records at break neck speeds. His latest project Moods 2, has aired on live with DJ Drewski and has been co-signed by Fivio Foreign. Acquiring 45,000 streams in just a few weeks, this project shows Yelz’ versatility because there are love songs coupled with hardcore drill and contemporary pop music. The raw, unapologetic lyrics stamps Yelz as one of the best newcomers coming out of Brooklyn.

Yelz Feva has a bright future ahead of him. With his cousin heading the way for the Brooklyn drill scene, Yelz is just moments away from breaking through into mainstream. Stay tuned for his upcoming release, Through the Field (R&B drill music), and future singles/albums.