Meet Nipun Mathur: The Youngest Entrepreneur who dedicated his Life to Digital Marketing

They say, “If you are Young and Talented, it’s like you have Wings to fly high”

It’s a story of young kid who was immensely carried away with the wave of Digital Media. He is a perfect blend of talent, Intelligence as well as Dedication and to our wonders; he is the youngest Talent Manager in India. Surprised? Meet Nipun Mathur, one of the finest and youngest Digital and Influencer Marketing talents in India handling various huge brands on Social Media.

About Nipun Mathur

Nipun is born and brought up in Jaipur. He is pursuing his BTech Degree from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jaipur. Despite of being student, he is ardent fan of social media and shows keen interest in it. Though being a student, it sometimes becomes tough to manage studies with work, but Nipun is self-confident about his studies and work.

He always wanted to be self-dependent. He is a proud Studentpreneur who believes, “You don’t have to wait until after Graduation to launch your own business.” Right now Digital Marketing has become a passion for him and he does everything for it.

Journey towards becoming a successful Entrepreneur

Well, it was all started at a very young age of 13. Since childhood, Nipun was having great interest in social media and it’s working. They say, a curious mind is always excited to learn new things. Same thing happen with Nipun. His interest got him in the world of digital media, when social media was growing at an exponential rate in India.

In 2015, Nipun along with his friend Dheeraj Jorwal formed an infotainment website The website soon achieved 65Million viewers which made them to achieve top 500 Alexa Rank. But, unfortunately due to some internal misunderstandings, company was shut down.

They say, “Failures are the pillars of Success.” Nipun once again establish a new venture with Dheeraj Jorwal named Brandzup Media in 2017. The main motive is to uplift underrated talented content creators. Nipun says, “As we are blessed with profound knowledge in marketing & various tips and tricks for uplifting the brands, we helped the content creators to get the appropriate limelight.”

Nipun is core member of Meme Community having vast knowledge of social media. He also has initiated Meme Marketing for brands with community pages. He has worked with 25+ brands and handled the social media promotions of 15+ Bollywood movies like JollyLLB-2, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil etc.

Currently, Nipun is working with the leading YouTube creators including Amit Bhadana, Harsh Beniwal, Round2Hell etc. he also have launched an influencer marketing platform Buzzumba where brands can collaborate with various influencers all over India for every platform including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Nipun Mathur truly defines a combo of talent and dedication. He struggled hard, followed his passion and made his dream come true. According to him , to grow on Youtube be original , stay consistent and make sure there is a value add .

Nipun says, “Know Your Passion, Follow it, Dream it, Live it. That’s LIFE!”