Meet Rising talent of India Akshay Girme who wants to take Indian music to International level

Indian music is doing very well from the past few years. As we see, a new approach is taken in the music world, which is working well. Musicians are getting excellent support too from production houses, and young emerging actors in the songs are making every song superhit.

Still, we feel India can offer much more than current work. We have so much talent in India that we can even do better by adding new talent in the music industry. For that, we need people like Akshay Girme who are always there to help young artist of India.

First of all a small intro to Akshay Girme, he is a renowned name of Marathi film industry. He has worked with top names of the film industry of Marathi and even B-town. Akshay is a young and workaholic person. He is always busy with his work, which is scheduled with top stars. Akshay has remain manager for many top names in Marathi industry. So he knows how cine and music world works.

Akshay Girme wants to introduce new talent with a company called Artist Mine music which is located in Rajasthan known for helping young rappers and singers of the country. Akshay has a relationship with many top labels of the music world. As a music lover, he wants to do something more and suitable for singers and musicians.

He has seen many useful talents in recent time in Social media accounts. And he regularly meets growing abilities of India. He is a traveller who loves to meet right knack around the places. He has the list of many young ones who can do fabulous work in the Music world. So Akshay is all set to help them financially by producing their songs in top labels do marketing for them and make them accessible.

He even wants to collaborate with top singers and musicians. He will use all his contacts to encourage new talents from middle-class families, and he wants to see young ones sharing the stage with top stars of the world in the world.

Akshay will feel good if he gets a chance to promote excellent talents in the near future at a bigger stage. He wants to showcase our ability to the world and show them that even India is not far behind others in the music world. India too has the calibre of producing top international stars from small towns of India.