Meet Rohitash Jadhav, the man behind the success of Viral Mania


Viral Mania and Rohitash Jadhav

Traditional means are gone, in today’s world what people demand is not the newspapers, they want Facebook stories. They don’t need huge articles, they need small blogs which can give them a complete detail of all around the world in a few words. Time, this is what keeps running and this is how everyday things keep change and this is how there is a changing world which needs to reach out by many. In this era of such demands, Rohitash Jadhav jumped and took an opportunity which people kept ignoring even after being aware of the same. He brought in a new means of presenting people with ideas and facts. The means were same but the change was made in contents, which instead of unnecessary details, presented people with what they demanded. It was not an easy task with critics, own family becoming a hurdle between the success but Rohitash did it and created a sensation by reaching out to millions within his few uploads. Apart from this, his socially driven mind has no brakes. He became a part of wherever he found a space for itself and among one such was “Narayani Namah”, conducted to show the women empowerment and to motivate women. There he was called upon to be a part as that of an influencer who didn’t give a chance where the people present therein got negative. His words were enough to create a name among all. All these efforts and all this hard work, it took a lot but it was recognized by the current CM of Madhya Pradesh Mr Kamal Nath, who rewarded Rohitash and was happy to hear about his plans.

It is said when luck turns, it keeps none untouched and none without the results but herein the case of Rohitash, he kept changing his luck to work according to him. His efforts brought him close to the start of his Youtube channel as Viral Mania which soon became a part of contents received from celebrities. All the hard work was paying off and he made the contents reach out to millions. soon seeing the success entered the Political leaders and the e-commerce portals who needed the help of Rohitash and his brand name “Viral Mania”. Well, the Politicians reached the public through the campaigns and e-commerce portals received a handling hand through Rohitash. All those MPs and MLAs reached out to enough crowd and made them received the consciousness of the campaigns being done every day to help out the public at large.

Both the Youtube channel and Facebook page by the name of Viral Mania brought in a trend and presented people with small and informative facts which were needed. All the entertainment presented took a great turn and all this together led themselves to the heart of people. Whether it was the public or the politicians and the celebrities, everyone drew their piece of pie and enjoyed the same until they were presented with another. A Youtuber, a Marketer and an Influencer who created a change in peoples life got the titles of same which was one great add up to his ongoing journey of success. 

The motivator he was called, who was lacking behind by no means to help and support, all the sections of the society and created a name for oneself and Viral Mania. He who hacked the Virality as Youtuber and by the truthful facts on Facebook built his team who made their success in large and worked together to be a part of the new upcoming trend of the season, Viral Mania.

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