Meet Shaveta Aggarwal an Entrepreneur Making Money With Maternity Photoshoot Outfits online business

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As the world continues to advance technologically, popular and cultural norms make major shifts every day. So while the digital technology age continues to expand, who are the entrepreneurs making the rise with it? The answer is simple: the power belongs to entrepreneurs capable of shifting and getting aligned with technology. Capitalizing on this shift is Shaveta Aggarwal, her story is the classic story from someone unknown to a famous entrepreneur. She has shaped and built her own field.

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Shaveta Aggarwal is co-founder of and runs the business very successfully by selling Family Matching Christmas Pajamas and Maternity Baby shower dresses. Her company has been shipping products to multiple countries including the USA, Canada, Africa, Europe and Australia.

Shaveta has done work far beyond her age. In fact, she already holds the keys to her own empire. A self-taught entrepreneur, she started selling the products on eBay and got great feedback from customers. Then she started her own eCommerce site in 2016. Through a culture defined by aggressive digital efficiency, Shaveta has made a name for herself in a new marketplace. She has set up a target to save money for mothers and expectant mothers by providing the best quality products at minimal prices possible.

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Shaveta’s background illustrates just how passionate and talented she is. Fabhooks ships free all over the world at wholesale prices with no middleman costs, which saves money for their retail customers. People at the forefront of any industry will take you more seriously when you bring clear cut value to the table, and this is what Shaveta Aggarwal and her company does.

Now a successful entrepreneur, Shaveta has created a brand-building machine of which she is the chief operator and has access to an ever-growing international network. Now through Fabhooks she has added a new mission to help kids who need education, health treatment, food and shelter. They have associated with a few NGO’s and started supporting them and their long term goal is to help needy kids in all possible ways.

In a digital age of uncertainty, Shaveta is not only rebranding the business, she’s rebranding the industry as we once knew it.

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