Meet Shivansh Sharma and Sumit Rajput the Co-Founders of growing E-commerce Store, ShopValley

In a world where everyone was busy trying to make a start-up off selling mainstream products. The e-commerce store ShopValley was focused on attracting the youth with exciting and exceptional products. Instead of providing a range of plain jewellery’s and other items, ShopValley made an entry in the market by selling unique glow in the dark accessories.

About ShopValley

This trending e-commerce store was built from the ground up by two individuals named Shivansh Sharma & Sumit Rajput. This enterprise was erected in October 2017 and has seen immense growth ever since.

ShopValley’s main agenda is dealing/selling of pieces of jewellery and other unique accessories. Their products are considered to be a necessity for any fashion freak. The enterprise gained its ground through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms paved a pathway for ShopValley to emerge as one of the topmost jewellery and accessory selling online store, in India.

Performance of ShopValley

The enterprise had already gained popularity through the help of advertisements, which were prominently seen online. These ads led to an increase in the purchase of glow in the dark accessories and other unparalleled products from ShopValley. To such an extent that the e-commerce store is shipping 200 orders a day. This summed up to, more than 100,000 orders shipped over the past 2 years.

The store’s unique products fascinated the youth, making them eagerly want to purchase it. There were videos and posts on social media platforms, which consisted & mentioned of these exceptional products. Some of their best-selling products included keychains having quotes on them, unique bracelets and glow in the dark necklaces.

Challenges Faced by ShopValley

At the beginning of their venture, this enterprise had to establish a bond of trust between it and its customers. For, which Shivansh Sharma & Sumit Rajput relied on providing good products and services. This resulted in people frequently buying accessories from ShopValley without any hesitation.

Another problem which the company tackled in their initial phase was the problem regarding the increased number of returns on cash on delivery (COD) orders. This resulted in re-ordering and sending the delivery back again, which became a nuisance. To avoid this hassle the employees at ShopValley made a confirmation call to the receiver. If the receiver were to be available at the time of delivery, then only would the order be delivered. Or else, it would remain with ShopValley. This policy of ‘Order Confirmation Call’ put forward by Shivansh Sharma & Sumit Rajput helped reduce the return rate of COD deliveries.

Future Plans

ShopValley is emerging and growing day by day. The store plans to increase its sales from 200 orders a day to 500 orders a day by 2020. Shivansh Sharma & Sumit Rajput have buckled up and increased their efforts to achieve this goal.

When you have a determined individual who understands how the market functions. Is optimistic, a problem solver and is not willing to let obstacles get in his way, you can easily understand how ShopValley become one of the most trending e-commerce stores in India. With such impeccable products and services, one can assume that ShopValley will soon be India’s most esteemed e-commerce store.