Meet Sonny Singh Lohia: Self Made Entrepreneur Looking To Impact 10,000 Lives & Families a Year

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Meet Sonny Singh Lohia, 33 year old entrepreneur who owns and runs many businesses in London UK including Jerk Junction (First 24hour Caribbean Takeway), nail salons, computer repair shop, removal company and many more. A self made individual, with years of experience in the field of investing and starting businesses. He's someone who we refer to as a Multipotentiality. Having travelled over 50 miles to school everyday and his first job at 15 as a toilet cleaner at Heathrow Airport, he's come a long way and his story is very different.

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Sonny Singh Lohia shared "I was born in Hackney in council estate, making money was everything, because we didn't have luxuries. I didn't eat mcdonalds till I was 15. Having worked all my life in the pursuit of financial freedom. Starting businesses one after the other and employing people has been satisfying, but I've always wanted to impact more people in my life. This is where IM Academy came into my world and unlocked this potential. The academy provides all the resources one needs in order to succeed in the world of trading, from beginner courses to copy and paste signals to live educator sessions. There has never been an easier way to make money in this market. This platform allows me to teach and educate people from all over the world.”

Due to the current covid situation he is now out to help impact 10,000 people every year through his latest partner venture called IM Academy. Sonny has been an investor and educator for the last 7 years, helping thousands of people worldwide achieve financial freedom. Since then he has gained a following on his Insta handle sonnysinghlohia.

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The world of trading is the biggest money market, it's a big business and learning to trade independently can be very lucrative and many people are now working from home and trying this new method of making money. As we all know the price of 1 Bitcoin is worth the same as 1kilo of gold right now, this goes to show we are at the beginning stages of a huge financial market shift. So you either learn this now or get left behind. Sonny's goal is to make sure families across the world are not left out and can take advantage of this gigantic financial market which turns around over $7 trillion a day!

As the financial climate continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space changes, it is certain that Sonny Singh Lohia will be there, leading the charge.