Meet Subhash Charan, a GK Teacher who is Changing Lives through his Application: Dhurina

Alena Rinwi
·3-min read

To achieve what 1% of the world’s population has, you must be willing to do what only 1% dares to do and there are very few who work for it. And Subhash Charan is one of them. He is working towards the betterment of youth by using his way of teaching. Although he is not working for money and fame instead he is working for the makers of the country youth by teaching them GK in a way that no one can forget whatever they have been taught.

We all have faced some situations where we try to remember the facts and dates and we forget. Well if you are the student of Subhash Charan you will never face such difficulties. Almost every kind of competitive exam’s questions is based on general knowledge. Coming from a middle-class family and a small district of Rajasthan named Churu, Subhash Charan with his idea of changing the lives of individuals who can’t afford big institutions have come a long way. Not only in Rajasthan but because of his hard work and contribution in the field of education, he is receiving love and appreciation from all over India. He never believed that education is available at big schools only, he did his schooling from Pilania Academy and then graduation from Chaudhary College in Rajasthan.

Subhash Charan is teaching the youth of Rajasthan by taking offline classes not only this, he takes online classes as well for every student of our country. He has taught in many coaching centres of Rajasthan. With an idea of spreading knowledge without any commercial business, he owns a youtube channel and provides free education. His youtube channel “GK Subhash Charan” has crossed the mark of 1 million subscribers and also got the silver button from youtube.

To encourage the development of young minds he has launched an e-learning application named “Dhurina”. The purpose behind launching the application is to fulfil the greed of learning of those students who cannot afford the fees taken by higher institutions. Dhurina is an online learning application that acts as a bridge between students and teachers. Many online free mock test apps with hundreds of ibps video lectures courses taught by brilliant instructors are present in the application. One can take courses in anything from IBPS, SSC, Railway RRB, Mock Tests & Exam Prep app, Railway RRB, studies, etc. and the app develops the service as per the demand of the daily app users. Subhash Charan got many offers after launching this application as he and his app were trending all over. He was offered the price of one crore to sell his youtube channel but he refuted it because money is not bigger than education.

He has polished the genius students like a johri polishes the diamonds. He helped many students by extending financial support for them as well. Once there was a student from Madhya Pradesh who contacted him for taking his courses online but was unable to pay much. Subhash gave him all of the required lessons and course in just 200 INR and taught him so efficiently that the student is now at a very good post as he has cracked the examination. Subhash has written a book for his students as his students told him that they are unable to focus while making notes.

He not only supports education but he also extends his hands for development and to help the needy. He helped many COVID-19 patients/warriors and donated 5 lakh rupees during the lockdown. He supported more than 200 families and gave them ration for seven days. He distributed over one lakh masks and more than one thousand sanitisers amid Coronavirus pandemic.