Meet Tessabella – 23 year old Founder + CEO, dominating the industries of Digital Marketing and Real Estate


Our audience is keen about reading stories of entrepreneurs creating a difference in the world. Your profile speaks volumes of the outstanding work you have done. Tell us about yourself and your work.

My name is Tessabella, I am a 23-year-old entrepreneur. I run a top real estate team out of Arizona, launching in Dallas, and I am the founder of multiple companies,, my marketing agency TBDigital Media, and 6-figure coaching business. For me, the focus of my work is all about service to others. Everything I do is driven by my enate desire to help others on a large scale. I’ve been very business-focused for as long as I can remember, my youngest memories are rooted around my hunger to build a business, help others, and be my own boss.


In detail, tell us about your journey behind creating this valuable brand.

For me, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. For as long as I can remember I was hustling at family gatherings, events, running lemonade stands, etc. However, the development of my primary brand started when I was 18 years old, I was a student at Arizona State University, double majoring in computer science and marketing. At the time, I was working at a local coffee shop – Dutch Bros coffee – developing my leadership skills and understanding the power of sales and communication. At the same time, I was taking on a new internship position at a local events company. We did weddings, corporate events, and fundraisers. Shortly after starting as an intern I was given the role of Marketing Director. At this point, I began to recode their website, implement a social media strategy, and we quickly saw results, massive results. We doubled their sales in just over 60 days. From here I understood the power of proper positioning online, and how much that can grow your business. So I began freelancing, helping a few other local companies develop a social media strategy. All the while, I had an excitement for interior design, and our Arizona market was among the best for real estate investing. My partner at the time had an investor connection, and we set a goal of learning how to flip real estate. We went through the trenches to bring this goal to reality. Door knocking in the worst neighborhoods, scouring lists of pre-foreclosures, and doing whatever we could to get into the world of fix n flip. As the two areas of my passion developed, I decided finishing school was no longer the best route for me, and from that day forward I’ve been betting on myself and will continue to do so every day. There have been many ups and downs in the growth of both companies, but through my experience, I’ve been able to build up an incredible team, great network, and passion for being the best at whatever I set my mind to.


Your story is something many readers would love to relate to. Now go in detail and tell us how your company works.

My main company, TBDigital Media — is a digital marketing agency servicing entrepreneurs and business owners globally. We help in the development and expansion of brands, leading with result-driven campaigns to maximize monetization opportunities and generate more opportunity for sales. One niche we deeply love to serve is the real estate industry. Being that my background is in and around real estate, I have a different understanding and view on how to display the core methodology of a real estate transaction through social media and advertising. We offer done for you services, media management, as well as strategy, consulting and coaching to help you elevate your business. We are in the business of making you more money, and making you look good — while you do what you’re best at.


What challenges did you face while creating your brand? What are the challenges you go through on an everyday basis?

Challenges always fuel me, some main challenges I’ve had to face thus far have been simply our extremely fast growth. Scaling a company requires a lot of hands-on development, troubleshooting and forward-thinking to ensure growing pains never affect our clients.

As interesting as it is, my age can also pose a challenge at times. Naturally, being a 23-year-old, often sitting in meetings and board rooms across from 40+-year-olds can sometimes set me up to initially be judged or doubted due to less experience. I love to use this as a competitive advantage for myself and my clients, they’ve now got an advocate in their corner who will work harder than any competitors, always be on the cutting edge of new developments and technological advances, and of course, an insatiable hunger to always be better.


What is your future vision and how do you wish to take your success to the next level?

My vision and plans for the future are huge. I plan to constantly grow my reach both digitally and offline. Speaking on stages all around the world, influencing entrepreneurs to truly chase their passion, I want to be a light and example for millions of people, to never shy away from the big, scary dreams that live inside of you. No matter where you come from, you can push for greatness and achieve so much.

How do you deal with stress, work pressure on a day to day basis?

My favorite way to combat stress is to stick to my routines and be sure that I am living out a healthy lifestyle and routine from the second I open my eyes at 4:45 every morning. I am a very structured, routine bound person. I find that ‘entrepreneur life’ can be challenging at times, as it can be so different on a day to day basis. I rarely have two days that are the same, so I find comfort in knowing that the parts of my day/life that I can control are maximized, to eliminate the ‘I’m falling behind’ feelings. Starting my morning with a workout, and ending my day with a run is a great way to wake up in the AM, and wind down after a long hard day.


What advice would you like to give to someone who has a dream of creating something of his own and make a living through it?

People over profit! I believe that your income is a direct reflection of how many people you are serving. Whether a product, service or experience, think about how you can help others and genuinely improve the situation or circumstances of those around you. I would also encourage anyone who wants to chase their dreams and build their own business to surround yourself with a community of others that share similar aspirations, stay extremely focused on your end goal, and be okay with compromising some of the things that give you instant gratification in order to get the long term rewards. Success about progress, its about compounding your actions daily to continue moving the needle forward in your business. Set a goal, and then work every single day to achieve it, cut out the things or people that hold you back and become obsessed with what you want for yourself, never give up until you get there. 99% chance no one is going to share your vision or understand your hustle, so don’t expect them to. Its you and your goal against the odds – keep going. 

What is one piece of advice you would give an entrepreneur facing overwhelm or feelings of doubt/failure in their business? 

My main piece of advice that I would give anyone in this position, is to remember how far you’ve come. I always say I am proud of how far I have come, but refuse to settle or suppress my undying hunger for more, for better, for greatness. Failure is feedback. When you tried something and it didn’t work or didn’t perform as you hoped it would, take what you can from the situation, learn and grow from it. Put all of your efforts into a forward pursuit, don’t let ‘failure’ slow you down or stop you. And remember that you deserve to have everything you desire. It’s ok if your dreams are that of your friends, family or even loved ones. Your vision was given to you for a reason, there’s no shame in wanting to create a massive difference & make an incredible income. They aren’t mutually exclusive. ⁣You can make a lot of money, and be an incredible person.


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