Meet the luxury sedan that has Artificial Intelligence

Jaguar XE

Technology is constantly evolving and it was only a matter of time that Artificial Intelligence made its way into automobiles. The car that you see here is AI-equipped and you can actually buy it right now in India.

The new Jaguar XE uses AI for its most talked about feature called 'Smart Settings'. Basically, the system senses your preferences regarding the settings of the audio system, seat, mirrors and even the steering column. The car has its own artificial intelligence algorithms that learn your vehicle usage.

In essence, the car anticipates the driver's usage and what settings he or she prefers for the car. This is based on the car sensing the approaching driver via the key fob and smartphone in hand.

Jaguar XE interior

For this to work, the user gets to set up a profile to store his/her personal settings and you can select the key or your smartphone to confirm identity. Thus, if you adjust the climate control to a particular temperature, it will do it for you automatically the next time, while also displaying your most called contact on top of your phone list along with what radio station you like etc.

This is indeed taking in-car connectivity and usage to the next level and AI is the bridge.

However, the XE does have a few more tricks up its sleeve. There is the 'Touch Pro' 10 inch screen, while the instrument cluster is also fully digital along with touch steering controls, too .

Jaguar XE smart settings climate control

As is the norm, the car also has 'connected car tech' with Lane Keep Assist and Driver Condition Monitor, Wi-Fi with Real Time Traffic Information, Remote function along with an air quality sensor.

Needless to say, it also gets wireless charging, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, powered seats and a sunroof.

Jaguar XE rear

Overall, the new XE indeed looks stunning with its much more aggressive stance and the BS6 line-up of engines provide an engaging driving experience. The real deal, however, is the amount of technology on offer which sets it apart from any other luxury sedan. It's simply amongst the most technologically loaded cars on offer and, crucially, with tech that is relevant along with being actually useful.