Meet the young sensation of music industry Gobind Singh Dhingra aka GSD Singh

The music industry is always refreshing and time to time we get to see such young talented getting introduce to us. Today we would like to introduce to you the latest sensation of the Punjabi Music Industry who has made his mark in the industry. "Gobind Singh Dhingra" aka GSD SINGH this is the name that is being chanted by the audience these days.

Just within few years of his debut in the music industry GSD SINGH has made quite an impact on the audience and secured himself a special place in the audience heart. Not only has he given huge hits like other artists but he has also worked with India’s leading label T-Series. His songs "Mar jawange tere bin", "Yaad teri" and "Misuse” have been released under T-Series which itself is a big thing for a new debut artist. The song "Tere karke" by him has also been released under the major music label Jio Saavan.In just a span of few years his songs have gained millions of views and praises. GSD Singh has been amongst one of the most promising and talented young artist that we have right now in the music industry.

GSD SINGH started his musical career few years back when he was completing his graduation. He passed his high school with an international baccalaureate degree. He went to Dubai for his higher education and there he realized about his passion about Punjabi Music. He always wanted to make Punjabi music which appeals to the global audience and maintains the authentic Punjabi swag in it. To take Punjabi music to the next level and make songs that will go on to the chart busters and will be enjoyed by people internationally irrespective of which language they speak. GSD SINGH says new track Tere Karke (Ballin’ ciaga) is the culmination of that vision. It celebrates the brand-conscious and ‘swag’-driven sensibilities of the Punjabi youth.

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