Meeting Brand Promise is the formula for 'HyperGrowth' says Carl Gould

Hypergrowth, both an economic phenomenon and a goal can be described as what distinguishes the winners from the losers. Hypergrowth pushes a company past its limits and helps scale them to succeed in a consumer-driven market. The World Economic Forum believes that as technology rapidly increases, successful companies will deliver with their ability to expand and scale at a pace never seen before. This concept of hypergrowth surpasses rapid growth of the past with an astonishing new concept for a connected world. Conquering the steep part of the growth-curve that most industries and markets experience, hypergrowth companies secure their place in a highly competitive world.

While rapid growth can be measured at a 20% compounded annual growth rate, hypergrowth is estimated at 40%. Companies that achieve hypergrowth effectively scale to meet increased demand and surpass their competitors. Without brand promise, this cannot be accomplished. After building three multi-million dollar businesses before the age of 40, Carl Gould understands this better than most consultants in his field.

Brand promise is a critical part of our consumer-driven economy, and as per Carl, “Sustainable growth is about setting up the processes and systems in your organization, and then enforcing them in order to be able to duplicate your results, and meet your brand promise on a consistent basis at a high quality level.” A company must deliver on their promises, or it has the potential to lose customers to a competitor.

The head of 7 Stage Advisors, Carl has conducted over 75,000 sessions and written nine books. He is credited for creating the furthest-reaching consulting company, and his methods are followed and practiced in 35 countries.

Through his business acceleration series, Carl attacks hypergrowth head-on with a quarterly program of one-on-one coaching sessions and group sessions. His unique program focuses on maximizing assets and then making growth sustainable over time. In the first session of Hypergrowth, the 7 Stage Advisors identify blind spots and uncover 10-30% of untapped growth potential.

While the program discusses all pillars to success, including sales, marketing, technology, and sustaining costs, maintaining a commitment to brand promise is what gives companies the edge to go from rapid growth to hypergrowth. By taking all these components and making sure they run smoothly, Carl views a business as an entire organism giving business owners the tools to succeed in the age of hypergrowth.

Carl inspires business owners through a combination of resilience and strategy. His views are widely accepted because they are practical and drive real results. Carl's pragmatic, engaging, and real-world approach has gained him an impressive client list that includes organizations such as Walmart, Walgreens, IBM, American Idol, and the US Army. Named 2018's Entrepreneur of the Year and winner of the prestigious Gold Stevie Award, Carl has advised over 100 of the Inc. 500/5000 Fastest-Growing Companies. A three-time best-selling author Carl Gould is yet again delivering compelling arguments for success in a fast-moving, consumer-driven, global marketplace where the ability to scale can make all the difference.