MegaUptime Helps Boost Business Performance and Profit


In today’s crowded markets and heavily competitive world, many businesses are challenged with keeping their businesses afloat. Budgets are always constrained, investments and expenditures always have to be cost-effective and justifiable, and profit margins are getting slimmer and slimmer in order to remain competitive. There’s not a lot of room to spare for mishaps and inefficiencies, and so everything has to run like a clock.

Though businesses have become increasingly stringent on how they do things, they still follow the same operational success formula: remain profitable by keeping revenues high while keeping the cost of operations low. On the other hand, the business landscape has truly evolved, with the internet has become the main battlefield for business. To survive in the real world, businesses must succeed in the virtual one.

Interestingly, what businesses fight tooth and nail for on the internet is attention, the consumer’s attention to be exact. He who draws in the greater crowd runs the best chance of turning in a profit. And on the internet, the beacon that beckons the crowd is a website. 

A website serves a lot of functions for a business. A website is a business’s big bright signage. It can also be its calling card, its menu displays for its products and services, its virtual business floor, its front desk, office, customer support department, and its point-of-sales. A website can be any of this or all of it at the same time. Most importantly, a website can be considered as the web persona of a business. It is its avatar or icon. And businesses always want a proverbial beeline to their website.

But a website is a construct that exists only on the internet. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store that once erected stands on its own, a website is just a running program. It persists because something is making it so. And that something is a web server, also called a web-host for this all-important function. Under all the technological marvels, servers are just machines and there are no perfect machines. Servers will run into some trouble eventually and as soon as that happens, humans need to intervene to restore the critical service.

Most web-hosting services promise website uptimes of 99.9% or higher. Uptime is all the time a website is up and accessible on the internet. It’s easy to think that 99.9% is a good number but the missing 0.1% can translate to about 44 minutes of downtime in a month. And if a website is drawing in high numbers of visitor traffic, that duration is enough to potentially lose thousands of visitors, put-off hundreds of likely customers, and tarnish a business’ brand image in the days to come. This is the importance of a perfectly continuous web service that there’s a need to monitor the availability of a website all minutes of the day. 

The only way to keep an eye on a website all the time is to employ an uptime monitoring service. Uptime monitoring service automates not only monitoring but also the reporting. Administrators need to be alerted of system downtime the moment it happens. The sooner an outage is addressed, the sooner a website can get back online and precious seconds saved.

When it comes to uptime monitoring, one name had built a reputation of saving businesses a great amount of money from disaster prevention and that’s MegaUptime. 

MegaUptime is a leading provider of uptime monitoring solutions. There are a ton of tests that MegaUptime can perform in its monitoring. It can test both secure and unsecured sites, perform network tests like pings and monitor heartbeats. It can test network connection routes via traceroutes and test other network protocols that certain website functionalities depend on like ones for email. MegaUptime can report issues with these functionalities that can detract from visitor’s experience.

More than just quick on the downtime report, MegaUptime can even detect symptoms that are precursors to an outage which makes it possible to prevent an outage before it happens. It can report exceptionally high traffic influx or sudden server resource limitations.

MegaUptime is an indispensable service especially when a huge part of a business’s revenue creation depends on a website being online. For more information on MegaUptime’s cost-saving services, visit their website at, and for inquiries email them at


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