Meghan Markle just broke a royal style rule

Jess Edwards
Photo credit: Clarence House/Twitter

From Cosmopolitan UK

It looks as though when it comes to style, Meghan Markle isn't keen to follow the strict royal style rules that other members of the royal family have to stick to.

While Kate Middleton has been known to flout the Queen's rules just a teeny tiny bit by wearing a skirt that wasn't quite below the knee, or even showing her shoulders, new official engagement pictures of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a completely different story.

Meghan appears in the pictures looking gorge (as usual) but wearing a top that is traditionally a little risqué for royal family members - or soon-to-be royal family members!

The actress wore a black sheer top with gold leaf embellishments that in part cover up her chest and shoulders. Does this mean that the soon-to-be royal bride is willing to mix it up and be more daring when it comes to her wedding dress, too?

Meghan wore the top with what looks like a black detailed skirt, while Harry looks dapper as usual in a blue suit.

In the second official engagement pic, the couple are seen cosying up under Harry's coat while Meghan wears a white knit, you can see that one here.

We personally love that Meghan isn't afraid to stick to her own style and ignore royal protocol but we can't help but wonder - what would the Queen think?

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