People are comparing 'compassionate' Meghan Markle to Princess Diana after sweet hugging image

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Princess Diana, left, hugging a child in 1991, and Meghan Markle hugging a child in Cape Town earlier this week. [Photo: Getty]

People are making comparisons between “real and compassionate” Meghan Markle and the late Princess Diana.

It’s thanks to the latest post from the Sussexes’ official Instagram account, which depicts Meghan hugging a child.

The Duchess of Sussex, 38, is currently on day nine of a 10 day long tour of southern Africa together with husband Prince Harry, 35, and their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, who is four months old. The couples’ programmes split on day three of the royal tour, and Duchess Meghan has completed a number of solo engagements without her husband.

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Today, she attended a roundtable discussion with the Association of Commonwealth Universities in Johannesburg with the Association of Commonwealth Universities in Johannesburg. She later visited a school to learn about the work of a local charity which receives UK aid funding.

However, it’s a picture taken yesterday, during the Duchess’ unscheduled visit to Victoria Yards, a community in Johannesburg, that has caught people’s attention.

The sweet image was shared earlier this evening on the @SussexRoyal account.

Meghan Markle pictured during her visit to Victoria Park, Johannesburg yesterday. [Photo: @SussexRoyal]

Lots of people have compared the Duchess to her husband’s late mother, in the comments section below the post.

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Princess Diana – dubbed ‘The People’s Princess’ during her lifetime because of her popularity – was famously a fan of hugging members of the public, which differed from the more traditional royal behaviour which had come before her.

Meghan’s habit of hugging has previously been remarked upon in the past. But this time people were especially keen to draw comparisons with Diana.

Comments below the photos read,“Meghan is a venerable successor to Diana. The hope for the British royal family” and “So love this photo. Very Diana-esque! The world’s favorite couple who I nominate to be King and Queen of it!”.

Another comment makes a direct comparison between the two women, dubbing Meghan: “The Children’s Duchess”.

Meghan Markle hugs a child during a visit to ActionAid earlier today. [Photo: Getty]
Princess Diana, pictured holding a child in Tokyo in 1995, was known as the 'People's Princess'. [Photo: Getty]

It reads: “The People’s Princess! The Children’s Duchess! She cares for the people and their cause. May she stay blessed & continue to to amazing work for people all over the world.”

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Another person commented simply: “The people’s princess.”

Other comments included: “She’s so real and compassionate!”, “This young boy’s life will never be the same” and “Beautiful picture”

Another example of how Princess Diana influenced the couple’s behaviour during the tour was last week, when Prince Harry walked through a minefield in Angola this morning, 22 years after the late Princess of Wales hit headlines globally following a minefield walk in the same country in January 1997.

He later visited the same street Princess Diana walked through when it was as a minefield.