Meghan Markle's emotional interview and more news from the week

Miley Cyrus accused of implying sexual identity is a choice

Miley Cyrus clarified that she doesn’t believe people choose their sexuality following backlash over comments she made about her own. On Instagram she stated, “You don’t have to be gay” because “there are good men out there.” Fans think this means Cyrus’s relationship with Kaitlynn Carter was a reaction to poor treatment by ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. She responded with a tweet saying that sticking up for the LGBTQ community is her priority and that “YOU don’t CHOOSE your sexuality. You are born as you are.”

Miley Cyrus was accused of implying that sexuality identity is a choice. (Photo: Getty Images)

Woman recovers from breast cancer with trial vaccine

A Florida woman received a new trial vaccine for her early-stage breast cancer that effectively killed the cancer. The experimental trial vaccine came in the form of a shot over 12 weeks and is theorized to work by stimulating a patient’s own immune response to kill cancer in the body.

Woman banned from having children after giving birth 44 times

A woman in Uganda who has given birth 44 times has been banned from having any more children. Mariam Nabatanzi has had four sets of twins, five sets of triplets and five sets of quadruplets. Doctors explain that the high number of pregnancies is due to hyperovulation. She attempted to stop having children with the use of an IUD, but it made her so ill she went into a coma. Despite the multiple jobs she works to take care of her kids, she says that each child is a blessing.

Why Always removing female symbol is so controversial

The brand Always chose to remove the female symbol from its menstrual product packaging to be more inclusive of transgender and nonbinary customers. While some have applauded the progressive decision, many disagree with the change, calling it “an attack on women” and an attempt to “marginalize and oppress” them.

Meghan Markle gets emotional about struggles of motherhood

In an interview for a documentary with U.K. journalist Tom Bradby, Meghan Markle opened up about the struggles of being a new mom in her position. The duchess appeared to hold back tears as she spoke candidly about the difficulties she has faced in the spotlight during her pregnancy and since becoming a mom. Markle thanked Bradby for genuinely asking about her well-being because, she says, “Not many people have asked if I’m OK.”

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