Meghan McCain challenges Sen. Cory Booker on gun buyback plan: 'That's like a left-wing fever dream'

Meghan McCain went head-to-head with presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker on Wednesday’s episode of The View.

McCain challenged Booker on his gun buyback plan, saying “You do support mandatory gun buybacks. Now, when I heard you and Beto [O’Rourke] saying that, to me that is like a left-wing fever dream.” She added, “I want to know how you think you and Beto are going to go into red states and go to my brother’s house and get his AR-15’s because let me tell you he’s not giving it back.”

Booker responded, “My point is this—I’m not where Beto is in the way he’s been talking about this issue.” McCain interrupted “Good, because he’s crazy,” which Booker took issue with.

“We should watch the way we talk about each other. Seriously, we can’t tear the character of people down,” said Booker. “He has no problem doing it to me,” McCain fired back. “I mean, he was very nasty to me about this,” she added.

But Booker didn’t back down. “Just because somebody does something to us doesn’t mean we show the same energy back to them,” he said.

After the show Booker’s campaign manager, Addisu Demissie, took to Twitter to express his dismay at McCain’s question and praised Booker’s response:

McCain responded, and said that she was tough on Booker because she felt he was giving her the runaround:

Viewers also took sides on Twitter, with some saying McCain was right to press Booker:

Another expressed their right to bear arms and praised the assault rifle McCain said her brother wouldn’t be giving up:

But others said McCain was rude to Booker:

And another said McCain was “looking for a fight:”

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