Meghan McCain shares shooting range photo: ‘As a woman I feel strong and empowered owning guns’

Meghan McCain is speaking out for gun rights — and raising eyebrows in the process.

According to her latest Instagram post, The View co-host used part of the show’s summer hiatus to enjoy some time at a Wyoming gun range with husband Ben Domenech. The photos the Republican TV personality shared show her armed with a semi-automatic rifle.

McCain also spoke about her passionate support for the Second Amendment, which she called a “true cornerstone of my conservative political beliefs.” She also shared that being a gun owner makes her feel like a “strong and empowered” woman, but noted the “gravity” of using firearms responsibly.

“I grew up shooting guns in Arizona and shooting targets and clays is the only sport I’ve ever really enjoyed or been good at,” she wrote. “To do it successfully, you have to get complete control over your entire body while regulating your breathing. I have always found a very meditative and simplistic joy to the experience (especially doing it in nature).

“As a woman I feel strong and empowered owning guns, knowing how to protect myself and my ability to fire different types of guns accurately,” she continued. “The Second Amendment is a true cornerstone of my conservative political beliefs. Without the right to keep and bear arms, the freedoms in this country we hold so dear would never have been won.

“Today, the gravity of gun ownership and use should be taken extremely seriously and responsibly,” she added, alluding to the latest mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. “There are millions of Americans just like me who are responsible gun owners who know a gun can be a force for great evil or good, depending on who wields it.”

McCain’s post drew mixed reactions, with fellow gun owners thanking her for speaking up. But many — the majority of whom said they, too, support the Second Amendment — still called for bans on assault rifles.

“You’re going to get flak from the liberals in these comments, but I just wanted to thank you for being so transparent and authentic in your beliefs,” a supporter wrote. “Don’t change for anyone — ever!”

“If people hate your [opinions] or not I, think it’s awesome you’re standing your ground and being a strong woman,” a fan added. “Many people that have guns use them responsibly and don’t go on a shooting spree.”

‘I’m also from [Arizona] and grew up shooting guns,” read another comment. “I went hunting with my dad. I’m a supporter of the Second Amendment. But when a 5-year-old is shot five times in a matter of seconds as a result of a high-powered assault rifle at Sandy Hook Elementary, that’s where I draw the line on my support. I don’t think these types of guns should be in the hands of civilians. At all.”

“When you continue to ignore the overwhelming proof of what guns are doing in today’s society by citing the Second Amendment you are actually being an irresponsible gun owner,” someone wrote. “I would think you would want to protect your right to be a gun owner by creating laws and methods to keep the weapons and assault rifles out of the hands of the mentally ill and evil who mean to use those weapons for harm.”

“Too soon, Meghan,” complained another commenter.

Last month McCain touched on her love of guns during an episode of The View.

“My version of marriage counseling is drinking Jack Daniels, shooting some guns and hanging out,” she said.

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