Meghan McCain on Trump's 'race-baiting' tweets: 'What are we going to do with the next generation of conservatives?'

Meghan McCain called out Trump's "race-baiting" tweets during an appearance on This Week. (Photo: Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Though she recently told Elle that the current political climate has made her “more conservative,” Meghan McCain admitted Sunday that she’s concerned that Donald Trump’s “race-baiting” tweets attacking congresswomen of color and the city of Baltimore will turn off her younger Republican peers.

McCain — who has made little secret of her disdain for Trump given his criticism of her late father, Sen. John McCain — was a panelist on Sunday’s This Week, ABC’s weekly news show. Like The View co-host was among those — including fellow guest, former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey — criticizing Trump’s latest comments

“When the president puts out tweets like this, it just fumbles over his own narrative, and instead of talking about the things like the infrastructure bill, how well the economy’s doing, instead he seems to be race-baiting and moving on top of the incendiary comments about sending a congresswoman [Rep. Ilhan Omar] back from last week.

“There’s quite frankly a lot of pain in the country right now when you’re seeing CNN hosts getting outwardly emotional on air,” she added, referencing anchor Victor Blackwell’s broadcast on Baltimore. “I know on our show there’s been a lot of pain, you can tell, just on air and from people coming into the studio as well. This is not a winning narrative that’s going to move Republicans forward in this election.

“What I worry about — I’m 34 years old— what are we going to do with the next generation of conservatives?” she continued. “Because this is what they're going to see, they’re going to see these headlines ... and instead of talking about the substance that really matters, we're talking about whether or not the president is racist.”

While some viewers agreed with McCain’s comments, tweeting “well said,” many argued that she was unqualified to be on This Week and accused her of downplaying the accusations of racism against Trump. Some critics claimed that she was more upset about the future of the Republican party than the implications of having a racist leader.

McCain has spoken out against Trump for making “racist” statements in the past. Two weeks ago she called out the president for suggesting Omar and her colleagues in Congress “go back [to] ... the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.” Days later, she called White House adviser Kellyanne Conway “abhorrent” for asking a reporter about his “ethnicity” when he asked her about the president’s “go back” statement.

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