Melania Trump to Join List of Fashion Icons Like Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy to Pose at Taj Mahal

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When US President Donald Trump visits the iconic Taj Mahal with his wife Melania, the couple may get their picture taken on a 112-year old marble seat in front of the central tank that has the iconic declaration of love as its background.

The bench had first received prominence when Princess Diana sat on it in 1992, earning the moniker 'Diana seat'. Subsequently, a visit by any international dignitary seems to be incomplete without a visit to the iconic Taj and a customary photo on the bench.

The Mughal-style marble bench was installed by Lord Curzon, who had ordered a restoration project, which was completed in 1908.

On their ongoing trip, Melania will join the line-up of royals and fashion icons who have posed before the Taj Mahal. Before their one-hour visit to Taj, here's a look at other fashionistas who have posed at the monument:

1. Princess Diana: The then Princess of Wales posed at the Taj Mahal on February 11, 1992. While she was accompanied by Prince Charles on his royal tour to India, Diana visited the 370-year-old mausoleum alone.

2. Kate Middleton: To pay homage to Princess Diana, Prince Williams and wife Kate Middleton posed at the 'Diana bench' on their visit to India in April 2016.

3. Jacqueline Kennedy: Former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who was known for her classic style, also posed in front of the Taj Mahal during her visit to India in 1962. She took the trip without her husband, former US President John F Kennedy.

4. Hillary Clinton: The 2016 democratic presidential nominee and Former First US Lady Hillary Clinton also visited Taj Mahal and posed on the iconic bench. She was accompanied to the monument by her daughter Chelsea on March 30, 1995, during a 12-day tour of South Asia.

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