Melvano – A Savior of JEE aspirants!


An alumnus of IIT Madras has founded a personalized learning app named Melvano.

Spending a lot of money and time learning from the Popular Coaching Institutes to crack the tough entrances like IIT JEE is normal for the engineering students in India.

Melvano - A Savior of JEE aspirants!

On one hand, where the renowned and result-giving coaching institutes charge huge amounts from the IIT aspirants, on the other, an alumnus of IIT Madras has founded a personalized learning app named Melvano.

This app helps the students and parents who cannot afford these classes or wish to stay at their place to prepare for exams with an added personal guide to help them sail their boats. It also cuts down on the social distraction and enables candidates to stay safe at such times of recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreaks.

Melvano, an Artificial Intelligence-based app provides expertly personalized preparation for entrance exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, WBJEE, CBSE Boards and other state-level engineering entrance exams completely free of costs. The app is like a personal Coach or Guru which analyses a student’s strengths & weaknesses and presents the candidate with the relevant sets of Practice Questions, Discussions and Mock tests.

The App goes beyond the traditional way of bombarding students with questions and instead provides a personalized experience that matches the learning curve of the candidate. It replaces the need to look out for various sample papers, textbooks, practice books, guides, and knowledge banks with a one-stop-repository of more than 40 thousand Questions & Answers.

This is how Melvano works – It provides an Intelligent & personalized dashboard called the Performance Analytics Dashboard for its users to keep a check on their growth over time. For that purpose, the app makes a user go through an assessment test. The assessment analysis helps a candidate understand the strong areas as well as the areas which require rigorous practice & better focus. The Progress report helps students in getting better clarity on their strengths and weaknesses.

The app helps students understand their learning curves and creates a personalized learning journey based on their needs. It is these very features like – fair usability, ultimate utility and an encouraging feel of the app that motivates its users to go through a rigorous personalized practice regime. This has earned Melvano, its all-time growing loyal user-base.

Melvano was recently awarded the prestigious Sri Chinmay Deodhar Award by IIT Madras for Innovative Project. The utility app is present on the Google Play Store and is free to download, the student does not have to pay for any services on the app. The students’ community gets free access to all the question repository, mock tests, and guidance from IIT alumnus at the tip of their hands.

Melvano’s Founder & CEO – Mr.Taran Singh, an alumnus of IIT Madras mentioned that “India has an enormous student population. And the majority of the Indians are middle class, where the parents have a limited disposable income. It pains me to see parents taking burdensome loans, with heavy interests, just to be able to provide coaching to their aspiring children.

We have curated Melvano to tackle the very crux of the problem and help such students achieve their dreams. Students need to have a strong will to study, and strong motivation to keep going ! With Melvano they have access to unlimited practice questions, model test papers and expert direct guidance from IIT alumnus. Currently, the engineering aspirants are around 2.5 million, out of which approximately 1 million students opt for online learning apps.

Melvano has already got a good chunk of 5% market share among the world of digital learning apps. Our company aims to cross 1 million students by 2021”
Melvano has a loyal and fast-growing user-base of more than 50 thousand on the platform, with a daily engagement time of over 45 minutes for power users. Melvano has more than 40 thousand practice questions, with over 10 thousand questions practiced daily on platform.

This year in JEE Main 2020, 2 students in the top 1 percentile are Melvano users, & over 20+ students have scored 95+ percentile. One of the users Sarthak Diwan even scored 99.968 percentile (approximate 200 All India Rank) making the community proud.

Melvano was born out of Nirmaan Labs, a pre-incubation cell of IIT Madras. The company has already received angel funding and is planning to further raise $500K from the potentially interested investors, who are on the lookout for the perfect opportunity to invest.

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