Mens Fashion blogger Puneet Tyagi revealing his success mantra


Fashion Influencer and quintessential pathbreaker Puneet Tyagi elaborates his success mantra

Read how this multitalented man is carving niche for himself

Fashion and beauty are the 2 fastest growing Influencer niche. While it was considered as very female predominant area now many men influencers are joining the coterie. 

Puneet Tyagi  One of the most sort after Indian fashion influencer who was elaborates his journey from studying law to becoming popular mens’ fashion influencer, the challenges and hard work associated with the job he is passionate about

You were studying to become a lawyer, then why change in profession and became a fashion Influencer?

We all study to become successful, but after joining the graduation in IP University Delhi I realized that fashion was my calling, I was always glued to grooming and fashion magazines and news, I always loved dressing up and looking attractive.I started modelling during early days of graduation and picked-up well, I did modelling and ramp shows for big and established brands, modelling brought in a deep understanding of fashion and trends, and as I had a sizeable number of followers on Instagram, and people admired my sense of styling I decided to start as fashion Influencer.

There are already a clutter of influencers, isn’t it tough to make your place in such a profession where brands generally prefer A-listers

Well preferring just A-Listers is thing of past now, brands are experimenting too, and it is such a vast industry there is place for everyone, but having said that I don’t mean it is easy to make your niche, you really have to plan well and put your blood and sweat into it, and plan and strategize your work and be really consistent. Not only this you have to build your audience from the scratch and presenting meaningful content to them which they like is isn’t as easy as it looks

So what is your USP that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Before turning into influencer I was already a model for considerable time, so I have very good understanding of fashion and trends, what is in and what’s faded. I also have insight of how industry works. People follow me and admire my style sense, and I think with my knowledge and understanding I can help and suggest them best

In a country like us where Men’s fashion is generally associated with showbiz, how easy or difficult is being a fashion influencer for them?

This is not true, till last decade men’s fashion was on back seat with mostly associated only with showbiz and young generation, things have really changed with more and more men want to dress well and follow trends. They seek expert advise on grooming themselves and to look their best. Indian fashion influencers are doing quite well for themselves both in terms of fame and economics.

Ok, so being an influencer what are the 3 basic tips you want to give guys out there, so that they can also set #OOTDgoals for others?

Well I would say that confidence and comfort is the most important thing when you dress up so please wear clothes that suits your body type and you are comfortable in, second thing is wear colors that make u look attractive and ofcourse  take advise from a good men’s’ fashion Influencer/blogger (grins) they are in best position to advise what’s hot and what’s not.

You Influence others by your fashion sense but who’s style sense inspire you?

There are many celebrities movie stars I admire for their tremendous style sense but I like Phil Cohel and Will Taylor

It is evident that social media has a dark  side too, that is trolls

Well, being a public figure you have positive sides to it and as well as negative sides. I would not say that I am not affected by it, people do criticize you, but I do not block any of them, infact I think other way round, their can be a solid reason for that criticism, and if that reason is valid I work on it. I read each and every comment and what is relevant I put my hard work and attention to correct it and the one which is irrelevant remains irrelevant

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