Mexed Is the New Gen Rapper Who You Can Root For

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Passion sees no age, race or caste and is dependent on how much efforts are put in to bear the fruit of success. Mexed, the French Musician has been working tirelessly to make his brand well known worldwide. His inspiration to pursue music was given by none other than his friend who are entrepreneurs themselves and follow the rule of working hard and smart.

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One rule that mexed swears by is to believe in oneself and never compare your progress and talent to someone else. The only competition you need to have is you and focus on getting better.

Passionately practicing music, Mexed has made five brilliant music videos which have ruled our hearts and is currently brewing something off the hook and we're waiting for the curtain to fall.

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Mexed also manages his own influencer marketing agency, giving them a platform to showcase their talent to the world. All this at an age of 20.

This is just the beginning, we cannot wait to see this French Musician reach heights of success and own the entire sky.

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