MG Gloster Price Expectations & New Features Revealed Ahead Of Launch

Punith Bharadwaj
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MG Motor India has revealed a couple of important details of the upcoming Gloster premium SUV in the country. The revealed details include the price expectation and new AI-assisted features of the Gloster.

According to the company, the upcoming Gloster is expected to be priced between Rs 40 lakh and Rs 45 lakh. The premium SUV will also feature a 'Fatigue Reminder System', that will alert the driver to take a short break.

The Fatigue Reminder System is powered by the brand's AI assistance and not through a conventional timer. The AI assistance system alerts the driver based on the steering input.

Along with the fatigue reminder, the company also announced that the Gloster will feature a Smart Swipe gesture to open the boot lid, as seen on the MG Hector Plus. This will especially come in handy while holding luggage with both hands and unable to press the button. In this case, all one needs to do is swipe their leg for the boot-lid to open automatically.

Another feature revealed MG Motor is the inclusion of three-zone climate control. The driver, co-driver and the rear-seat passenger can set their temperatures. The temperature controls for the rear seat passengers are present behind the centre console.

The company is preparing for its biggest launch of the year 2020 with the Gloster SUV. It will be arriving during Diwali (November) festival in the Indian market. The Gloster will be placed in the premium luxury SUV segment and will the brand's flagship model.

The company recently released a teaser video, which showcases the Gloster's high-end driver-assisted Level 1 autonomous system. The SUV features Adaptive Cruise Control, which will maintain a set distance from the vehicle at the front.

While using adaptive cruise control, the Gloster will maintain the set distance at all times. If the vehicle in the front slows down, the Gloster will also slow down. On the other hand, if the vehicle in the front accelerates, the SUV will also increase speed up to the set speed limit by the driver. This feature can be easily activated and controlled using buttons mounted on the steering wheel.

The Level 1 autonomous driver assisted system on the Gloster also features Auto Park Assist. A teaser video posted by the company showcases, the driver engaging the auto-park feature to successfully parks the large Gloster SUV with no steering inputs at all here are more details.

Along with Auto Park Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control, the Gloster will feature other active and passive safety systems such as auto-braking, collision avoidance system and more. These features are part of the brand's (ADAS) Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technology.

The Gloster SUV will be powered by a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine producing 215bhp and 480Nm of torque. The engine comes mated to an eight-speed torque converter automatic sourced from ZF. Other features that are expected on the SUV includes an on-demand four-wheel-drive system, the brand's terrain response system and multiple driving modes.

Thoughts About MG Gloster Price Expectations & New Features Revealed Ahead Of Launch

With a price tag of around Rs 45 lakh, the Gloster undercuts its target rivals from premium brands such as Volvo, BMW and Mercedes-Benz by a significant margin. The Gloster SUV will be offered with a long list of features, advanced technologies and luxury to help compete against its rivals in the India market.

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