Michael Benicio Is Changing The Way People Lend Money


One day your closest friend comes over to hang out. You guys end up going shopping and your buddy finds a limited item that he ought to have right then and there and come to find out, he forgot his wallet. He asks you, “Hey can you pay this for me? I’ll pay you right back, I promise.”. You say sure because he’s your closest friend, you trust him, what could go wrong? A couple of weeks go by, and your friend still hasn’t paid you back the money you so kindly lent him. You’ve sent multiple texts and every time he responds with “I’ll have the money to you soon,” never happens. It ends up being a never ending stressful struggle that eventually you give in just to save your friendship. If this situation or a similar lending situation has happened to you, you’re not alone, happens to tons of people every day. It’s a terrible situation that nobody deserves to go through and their needs to be a solution.

While walking on the beach listening to his favorite mentor Jim Rohn, Michael Benicio had an idea that forever changed his life and could do the same for many others. Michael saying, “I recalled a number of times that people never paid me back when I was in high school. My own father didn’t pay me back the money he owed me. This causes me lots of stress. I then realized that I wasn’t the only person that had this problem a lot of people did. I knew I was on to something really big, so I got to work instantly.” What Michael got to work on is what he likes to call Friend Lend, an app that will revolutionize the way people lend money.

Friend Lend is an application that safely connects lenders with borrowers. This app will effortlessly allow an individual to create law-abiding digital lending contracts. These contracts will contain correct legal verbiage that both lender and borrower must agree to. Both parties will be able to select an interest rate that they both agree upon. There will also be a required loan payback date that allows both parties to agree on a payback period for which the lender must be paid back. Another key feature in this app will be the ability for the lender to have a credit check done on the borrower, to show how likely that borrower is to pay the lender back and on time. The Friend Lend app will also give people a way of lending out objects. Whether it be lending out money or objects Friend Lend gives you a way to generate revenue from the credit while protecting you with a legal contract. This app will make getting a loan more convenient than ever before. App to be released at a future date.

After months of planning for this app, Michael decided that he couldn’t take his company to the top and get this app launched on his own. He decided to contact two friends, Ryan Testa and Jameson Brooks. Ryan Testa currently attends the University of Tampa and helps run the nation’s largest college party tour in the country for the Instagram account Bangerbuddy. Ryan has run parties with Dream Hospitality Group in New York and now has even started his own Hospitality group in Florida called Vortex Hospitality Group. Ryan’s whole life he has found ways to make money, that mixed with his impressive resume called for Michael to have Ryan on the team. As for Jameson Brooks, he was a friend of Michael’s in high school. Jameson previous has lead a lot of activities with his church and worked as a manager at Chic Fil A. Michael thought of Jameson as “one of the hardest workers you’ll ever come upon”, so Michael had to bring him on board. Both Ryan and Jameson have been crucial in helping Michael’s company.

It’s weird how one random idea can turn into a passion and a business that could set one up for success for a lifetime. That’s exactly what happened for Michael and his idea about the app Friend Lend, a way to safely lend money to a friend without the worry and stress of them not paying you back. Keep up to date with Michael Benicio’s socials below to find out more information and on when the app will officially be launched.

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