Michael Keaton Returns As Batman, Fans Are Speculating About Batman Beyond

Moumita Bhattacharjee
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Michael Keaton's return as Batman in the DCEU has made fans highly speculative. They initially took the news with great shock and later settled into a calmer attitude when they tried to string together the reasons behind this move. That's the best thing about the fans of all superhero universes. They have read the comic books and are aware of a lot of twists and turns which help them to decipher the moves made by production houses. In this case too, many on Twitter are of the opinion that the decision to have a 69-year old Batman might have something to do with Batman Beyond. 10 Best Memes on Michael Keaton's Turn as Batman to Remind Us That It's the Best (See Pics)

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Batman Beyond is basically the future of the caped crusader. It talks about a teenage Bruce Wayne getting his training from an elderly Batman. Fans are of the opinion that if that's taken into consideration, Keaton's return makes complete sense. Keaton played the titular role in Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns.

Here're some of the reactions.

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If wishes were, well, real!

And the speculations begin

A sincere hope

This time, wishes are horses!

The multi-verse dive

Hope is a strange thing...follows everywhere

Reasoning counts

Battinson...interesting name!

As per Screenrant, Keaton's character would be more of a mentor, something that we are used to seeing with Nick Fury in Marvel movies.