Michael Louis: The Success Story Of An E-Commerce Enthusiast

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About Michael Louis and his journey:

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Michael Louis Maddaloni is an international designer known for his eponymous brand Michael Louis. Via social media he began sharing his passion for fashion and luxury goods. His vast knowledge about the luxury goods market came from his valuable business experience with his family’s high-end jewelry store and later on while building a fashion-based target audience using social media platforms. This platform allowed Michael to connect with thousands of followers where he could share his personal fashion as he was directly speaking to his audience about what he loved and who he was as a person. He opened up to his audience with all facets of his life from his family, work, inspirations and style, which is how he built a supportive online community around the globe. Michael then ventured to elevate everyday accessories by creating fashionable, high quality phone cases and small leather goods launched via e-commerce at MichaelLouis.com.


How he succeeded?


Building a devoted audience and a genuine relationship with the customer helped Michael grow the brand over the years making the entire experience with the brand on all touch points pleasurable and informative. He also thrived on having a customer-focused strategy, transparency, quality products, and marketing automation. Since the company’s main focus is on their customers they develop brand expansion around customer feedback. Further setting the Michael Louis brand apart from rest, the selection of handmade accessories with unique colors, prints, and features are accented by the ability to customize products with your initials, name, favorite word or emoji. Through this day, three pillars have driven the Michael Louis brand from the start: Expression, Quality, and Craftsmanship.


Michael Louis targeting the Indian market:


The brand has grown exponentially over the years and reaches all corners of the globe. With a sophisticated way of sourcing materials and leathers along with fine craftsmanship, conscious consumers can recognize the superiority of Michael Louis products. The retail sector growth in India contributed by an increase in social media usage and online e-commerce purchases, has allows Michael Louis to see an increase in demand and customers from India to their online store. As a whole, Michael Louis looks forward to further introduce the brand to retail stores across India in the near future.

Website : https://michaellouis.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/michaellmaddaloni