Michael Valor – There’s art in engaging people and influencing outcomes

To be able to stand on a podium and address thousands of people is no easy feat; it takes a great deal of confidence and charisma to capture the attention of a large audience and engage them in your speech. While several leaders shy away from taking the mic, Michael Valor is not one of them.

Born and raised in New Jersey, this young marketing enthusiast loves addressing huge crowds – a natural when it comes to public speaking. He has the ability to not only engage a large audience, but also influences outcomes. As the CEO and Owner of Valor Media, Michael finds himself at the centre of attention pretty often. Over the years, he has gained immense popularity for his public speaking skills. He has had also the opportunity to be a guest speaker at prominent events across the globe.

As the CEO of a growing organization, Michael has serviced renowned brands like Wal-Mart, AirBnB, Aston Martin, Travel Channel, Montage Hotels, Miami Heat and UFC. Due to his excellent public speaking skills, he has even been able to broker deals with the United States Department of Energy. Michael has honed his skills and leveraged them to share valuable information, simplifying the most complex of ideas through the medium of words. Through organizational positioning and integrated learning, Michael’s school of thought has produced several successful ventures.

Michael was also brought in to speak at the World Future Society. He was roped in for marketing discussions with multi-million dollar masterminds like McDonalds, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson. As a young entrepreneur, Michael has an unquenchable thirst for success. He displays visionary leadership, bringing hundreds of people together for a common goal. In addition to having a solid game plan for the growth of his company, he has a tremendous ability to connect with crowds.

An influencer in the truest sense, the young CEO has a massive fan following on Instagram. He has as many as 62k followers on the picture-sharing platform, and his popularity is growing by the day. While his phenomenal success might seem unreal to most people his age, Michael had a humble beginning. He says, “My first real job was in the advertising industry. Like anything else that I’m a part of, I find ways to turn it on its head.”

With the advancements made in technology over the last decade, Michael realized the impact marketing through social media could make. The customers deserved a more personal touch with their favourite brands, and through the mixture of technology and duplicable human resources, Michael set out to create a system that would revolutionize the advertising

space. And that was the start to his incredible journey.

Today, Michael is recognized for being one of the youngest entrepreneurial influencers in his field, achieving success in business at an early age. He has mastered the art of engaging people and influencing action that is rare to come by.