Mick Hucknall admits to taking heroin and cocaine

Danny Thompson
British musician Mick Hucknall during the 'Markus Lanz' TV show on November 21, 2018 in Hamburg, Germany. (Photo by Tristar Media/Getty Images)

Legendary lothario and blue-eyed soul hellraiser Mick Hucknall has revealed that when it comes to drugs, he has enjoyed his fair share of experimentation.

Talking to The Sunday Times magazine, the Simply Red frontman admitted, like a lot of musicians he had “tried everything”.

When pressed on harder drugs, he says he once lived with a heroin addict, but decided it wasn’t for him after trying it out. Speaking of the experience, he said: “Smoked it. I felt woozy and threw up. It wasn’t for me.”

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Discussing cocaine, he said: “I have been around it all my working life, but it was not my thing. Cocaine, to me, is one of the most pointless drugs of all time. It just makes you feel like wood. I just go completely numb and every time I tried it.”

British Pop Singer Mick Hucknall Lead singer of the group 'Simply Red', 1988. (Photo by Photoshot/Getty Images)

He went on to admit his main vice was an entirely more legal one, saying: “For me, it was just basically a lot of alcohol. You either decide to stay on it and go out with a bang, or you decide to find something else that is more enriching.”

He says his playboy days are long behind him, and he now considers himself “moderate drinker”.

Hucknall became known for his womanising ways, and apparently once boasted about sleeping with 3,000 women in three years - which when broken down works out to be between two to three partners per night.

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Tiring stuff, but Hucknall has since said the claim wasn’t true, and was simply a mix up in the figures in one article.

When asked about the real figure, he admits he doesn’t know, as he never kept count as he doesn’t “treat or talk about women like that”.

The singer married long-term partner Gabriella Wesbury in 2010 - they have a daughter, named Romy who was born in 2007.