The midday meal cook from Amravati did not risk losing her 1 crore for the final 7 crore question.

Babita Tade became the second crorepati of the show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) 2019, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Babita, who works as the midday meal cook at a BMC school in Amravati answered her way to the KBC hotseat.

Babita managed to get all her answers right and earned herself a cheque of One Crore rupees before deciding to quit. She was confident of taking some amount of reward money back home if she got on the hotseat what she didn’t believe was winning a crore.

Babita decided to quit right after the one crore question because she did not want to risk giving up her one crore cheque on missing the answer to the next question prized seven crores.

The twist in the tale is after Amitabh accepted her request to quit the show, he asked her to answer the 7 crore question, and her answer was right. Babita could have won the Seven crore prize as well if she’d decided to take the risk.

Through her knowledge and courage, a midday meal cook Babita will take back the winning amount of one crore to Amravati. She commented on her experience of KBC, “It was a lovely experience being on the show. I knew that if I reach the hot seat, I would win some amount but never thought that I would win a crore. The family is ecstatic.”

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