Mikey's Tortillas Offer Delicious Way to Stay on Your 2021 Diet

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Mikey’s Tortillas are here to brighten up those winter nights! In three varieties, Sweets & Beets, Golden Turmeric and Super Greens, these tortillas are made with superfoods like purple sweet potatoes, spirulina, and turmeric, and add a fun splash of color to dinner time. They’re perfect for wraps, taco nights, and more. Mikey’s tortillas are vegan, paleo-friendly and Non-GMO Project verified. Just like all of Mikey’s products, they contain no gluten, grains, dairy or soy.

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Mikey’s was founded in 2014 when classically trained fine-dining chef Michael Tierney noticed a growing trend of gluten free breads labeled “healthy” when, in reality, they contained a high number of unnecessary ingredients and preservatives and delivered a poor nutritional profile. The “gluten-free” claim was the only positive thing about the products! Mikey decided he wanted to change that.

He started experimenting with ingredients found in his kitchen pantry, and soon enough, Tierney created his first product – the English muffin. From there, Mikey’s was born. The line has expanded into tortillas, pizza crusts, and pizza pockets, all made with the founding belief on delivering delicious gluten free foods made with recognizable ingredients. Tierney wants people with food allergies, special dietary needs, or just a desire to eat better, to be able to enjoy the foods they love without the allergens or unnecessary ingredients.

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Want to hear more? Mikey’s Pockets, available in a variety of flavors, are the perfect snack for us both kids and adults. They also have a frozen pizza crust that brings pizza back to the table in a better-for-you way. In the mood for a burger? Mikey’s Original English Muffins (also available in Toasted Onion and Cinnamon Raisin) are a delicious way to enjoy all the sandwiches you thought you’d need to leave behind.

Mikey’s reunites you with food you love without sacrificing your goals toward healthier eating. Mikey’s products are available at Sprouts Farmers Market and other nationwide retailers of natural and health foods.

For more information, visit https://EatMikeys.com/