Milind Soman speaks about age gap with wife, Ankita Konwar

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

Milind Soman speaks about age gap with wife, Ankita Konwar

16 Dec 2018: Milind Soman speaks about age gap with wife, Ankita Konwar

Milind Soman is a name most people are familiar with, due to his stunning looks.

However, his killer smile and piercing gaze are not what we are discussing today, but his relationship with Ankita Konwar.

They hogged quite a bit of the limelight when they got married earlier this year, due to their age difference.

Now Milind has spoken up about it.

Age gap: Age no hurdle for Milind

Addressing the much-debated issue about the age gap between himself and his wife, Milind said that he did not consider age gap as a factor.

He wisely pointed out that in relationships two people are always different in terms of background, age, culture, and experiences.

Milind advised that these differences need to be understood and accepted, rather than being pointed out as disadvantages.

Milind's response: Shutting the trolls up smartly

Despite being targeted by trolls, Milind's response shows his maturity.

Instead of retorting, he gave some sound advice about relationships, saying that in every relationship, there were old habits that had to be unlearned to keep it positive, healthy and strong.

Milind also spoke about how it was important for him to make Ankita feel comfortable, helping her achieve what she wants.

Work: On the work front for Milind

While Milind is great with the relationship advice, he is also busy on the work front.

He travels about 20 days a month, working in his event management company which he established in 1989.

Besides this, he also has a start-up which makes women's activewear and a company involved in making energy bars.

He is also occupied with a foundation working on menstrual hygiene.

Fact: Let the lovers be, trolls

It is truly disheartening to see trolls rain down on couples for the smallest of things. While interest in celebrity life is understandable, it really is nobody's place to speak about the age gap between Milind and his wife, Ankita, since they are happy together.