Military mom needs help finding daughter's missing 'daddy doll,' which comforts when he's away

A mom posted a photo of her child's lost military "daddy doll" asking the public for help (Credit: Facebook)

A mother of three girls took to Facebook this week after one of her young daughters lost her military stuffed toy — which she uses to keep close to her dad when he isn’t around. Jessica Osborne shared a photo of the “daddy doll” which her 3-year-old lost at a Dairy Queen in Lebanon, Ohio on Friday.

“She is devastated,” the post reads. “We use it often when he trains and she isn't able to see or speak to him. Please...if you see this doll...I would be grateful for its return.”

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Osbourne explains how the doll is “everything” to her kids. “The doll helps ease their mind when they cant see or speak to their dad,” Osborne says. “Bed time is a little bit easier and they can hug him anytime they want.”

Her first-born, who is 9-years old, got her military stuffed doll when she was 3. The daughter who lost hers is 3 now — and has had her doll from the start, since 2016.

Osborne adds that Dairy Queen also went “above and beyond” in helping with her search. “They even went through their trash bins and called to let me know that it wasn’t found,” the mom recounts.

But, she isn’t losing hope just yet. “We have attempted to look for the doll. The community has also attempted to look for the doll,” Osborne explains. “I feel determined to find it.”

People commented on her Facebook post to show their support, and many — who shared her experience in a military family — offered to send over similar dolls as a replacement. “I know first hand how much these dolls mean to our littles. My daughter slept with hers while my husband was away for a year. It meant everything to her,” one person wrote.

Another added “My husband is retired from the Army and I have 2 of these from when we were in the Army. If you are unable to find yours you can have one of mine.”

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