How Millennial Business Leaders Thomas Herd and Radiant Child Are Creating Today’s New Standards

How Millennial Business Leaders Thomas Herd and Radiant Child Are Creating Today's New Standards

Across nearly every industry, the millennial impulse is towards disruption. Read on…

The gig economy- through the rise of Lyft, Uber, Airbnb- has transformed the job market. E-commerce has shattered retail. Even cultural values- from conceptions of beauty and gender norms have drastically changed, with new gold standards emerging for all-inclusivity, self-love (regardless of body type), and gender fluidity.

In a society that favors dismantling of the status quo, it is therefore not surprising to see that today’s millennial business leaders are quite often free thinkers and audaciously bold Mavericks.

Take Thomas Herd, for instance. CEO of perhaps the fastest growing digital marketing agency in the US T1 Advertising.

Thomas emerged as a thought leader for the digital space by completely reinventing the business model for marketing contracts. In an industry notorious for ripping clients off, Thomas was the first CEO to agree to refund his clients pro-rata for any shortcoming in contract performance, meaning that in whatever case or scenario it was impossible for a client to pay more than the value he received.

In such fashion, Thomas has taken an industry who’s Achilles heel has always been its unreliability and shored it up with the alternative offer of risk-free growth.

This new business model has attracted over 1200 active brand partners to T1 Advertising– from industry leaders like Ritz Carlton, L’Oreal, Hyperloop, etc. to countries like the Dominican Republic.

Thomas, who just 1 year ago, overcame a vicious fight against a genetic health condition, has been inducted by the Forbes Business Council of New York in 2019 in honor of his achievements. He was further awarded his own column at Forbes Magazine where he teaches young marketers and business owners how to take command of the digital marketplace and eliminate risk in growing their modern-day businesses.

In hospitality, New York-based Entrepreneur Dimetri Hogan- aka the Radiant Child- has pioneered a groundbreaking, Instagram-friendly system of managing restaurant projects.

Specifically, the Radiant Child has developed a framework for hospitality businesses to follow so they create distinct interior moods that would naturally incentivize user-generated digital content that can make them visible and trendy on Instagram.

His solution has enabled many of New York’s traditional restaurant businesses to successfully adapt to the digital age. And his current portfolio- which includes several of downtown New York’s trendiest venues- from Little Prince to Babu Ji and the new Greek bistro Lola Taverna- has emerged as the gold-standard for millennial hospitality in the nation’s cultural capital.



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