Millennial Talk Show Host Jasmine JazzyB Byrd Talks Popular Live Night Talk Show in North Carolina

Millennial Talk Show Host Jasmine JazzyB Byrd Talks Popular Live Night Talk Show in North Carolina

You are a renowned talk show host in North Carolina. Tell us about how the JazzyB came into being?

JazzyB was created 4 years ago while being obsessed with the church and talk shows. One day after receiving a Rugrat Mic from Burger King, I decided to get a group of my teddy bears, barbies, cousins along with my grandma filming on a camera recorder to what ended up being my first talk show. although I was 4, I had so much to talk about as a child who had just been separated from both parents.

You have launched the first-ever Live community Talk Show. Tell us what the show is about and what it focuses on.

Vibing with JazzyB is a Live Taped Talk show experience that gives celebrity good news first, with no gossip and no scandal. Just a guaranteed good time with good vibes!



‘Vibin With JazzyB’! In detail, please tell our readers about the process right from scripting to the process.

The process is simple. Once a special guest is selected, I immediately think of 3 things they represent and I create segments based on that. Once segments are created, I think of who could benefit from being and receiving what each segment has to offer. My show is unscripted, so I choose wisely and carefully to assure the show’s authenticity.




Our audience would love to know more about your work. Other than the show, what are your areas of expertise?

I am a Certified MUA, Hairstylist, and Fashionista. I’m also a Poet, Actress, Model, Songwriter, and a Creative Director.

Being a renowned figure in the media and entertainment industry, we believe you must be having a pretty hectic schedule. How do you keep yourself away from burnout? What motivates you to keep creating more?

I keep myself from being burnt out by building an unbreakable team. Having a team that knows and plays their roles is extremely important. What motivates me to keep creating more is realizing my purpose to the world and exactly what God has created me to do.




What is your dream about taking your career to the next level? How do you plan to grow next?

My dream about taking my career to the next level is having the “Go to” show for celebrity good news & entertainment via talk show experience that throughout the week gives people a breath of fresh air from all negativity in an entertaining way.

A show where the good news matters so much that celebrities can have their stories told and not sold! I plan to grow next by creating a reality show for all forms of media to show the reality of the entertainment business.

To those women who wish to tap into the media and entertainment business, what is one piece of advice you would like to give to them?

Dress how you want to be addressed and know who you are, what you stand for and where you’re headed. It’s easy to lose focus, confidence, and dignity if you’re not sure what you naturally bring to the table!

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